“The slowest traveler who keeps his eye on the goal will arrive before the one who has no goal” (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing).


For Bijan Kingly Management Consultants customer satisfaction and the sustainable success of the projects entrusted to us is of great importance. For this, we are ready to give everything. Through our personal experience as management consultants in various international projects, and as managers in international companies, we bring a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience and expertise. Our aim is to boost your company value sustainably.



Our philosophy

  • Leading-edge consulting

BKC offers its clients superior, fair, professional and 100% reliable consultancy services, focusing on successful and well-aimed execution of projects.

  • Constructive cooperation

Our approach is to take joint management action with our clients, and in this way to effectively contribute to improving their success.

  • Specialized consulting spectrum

We focus on our strengths. Our range of consulting services covers three important business areas:

- strategic management consulting

- customer management consulting

- project management consulting

  • Pragmatic transformation/implementation

Our consulting philosophy is to intelligently implement business solutions based on a sound combination of:

- well-founded up-to-date theoretical knowledge

- proven and practical approaches

- conceptual strength

- pragmatic implementation

  • Long-term success alignment

Our approach is to help our clients to strengthen long-term competitiveness and achieve lasting success by aligning their management systems and organisational structures.


Our guiding principles

  • Our customers are the focus of our attention and action.
  • Our customers should be—and remain—satisfied with our services.
  • We want to be assessed by our customers for the quality of our services.
  • Highly satisfied customers and high quality services are the foundation of our long-term growth.
  • We are an international management consultancy and rely on our international mix.
  • Our growth strategy is based on differentiation—reflected in the variety of industries in which we work and the breadth of our solutions and partnerships.
  • Our solutions reflect the high qualifications and long experience of our employees and partners.
  • Our aim is to build up a long-term, fair and mutual cooperation with our employees and partners.
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