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"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, p. 414.



You will find below selected success stories and opinions of our students.

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The course "Organisation Development", in the MBA program was held by Mr. Khosravani in English throughout. The lectures were in seminar form and the lecturer’s presentation and practical examples conveyed a clear sense of his competence and practical experience. The proximity to research was also clear. Contents were worked out in dialogue with the students, whose cooperation was encouraged, making the course stimulating and interesting. We were also encouraged to question and rethink fundamentals and principles. Tasks were undertaken in groups, in a disciplined and structured manner, and results were presented to the whole group. Questions were welcomed and Mr. Khosravani was available for further questions after the lecture.

Sein His commitment and dedication to this course in particular, as well as to research and teaching in general, were very well perceived. Due to the nature of the lecture design a lot has stuck in our minds. Thank you very much!

Verena Nuth MBA BA

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We had the course "Customer Relationship Management" (CRM) in the master’s program "Corporate Management", held by Mr. Khosravani. The course was clearly structured and had a common thread. Mr. Khosravani stands out for his competent and humorous manner of presentation. He included practical examples from his many years of experience in CRM, and these stimulated lively interest among the students. The questions and solutions from the course were worked out together. Based on his intercultural competence Mr. Khosravani also dealt with topics and customer experiences from other countries. In this way, we could broaden our horizons and get to know something new. Mr. Khosravani was easy to reach by phone or email outside the class. Thank you, Mr. Khosravani!

Mussie Kidane MSc BA


The course "Intercultural Management" was held by Mr. Khosravani in English throughout. The contents were conveyed in a way that was easy to understand, with many practical examples. Every student was integrated into the discussion rounds, and the interactive exchange of experiences made the lectures very creative and interesting. Mr. Khosravani’s competence enabled him to answer every question in an understandable way, and he made sure everyone grasped the contents of the lecture. His international experience was very helpful to us, as he told us a lot about working in international teams without referring to his script. The lecture contents were conveyed through a balanced mix of theory and practical experience, so that everyone from our degree program "International Economics" could prepare well for the exam. We all enjoyed attending Mr. Khosravani’s course, because we were always personally integrated and could in a short time learn a lot about other cultures and international business practices. This helps me personally in my professional life, as I work in a globally operating company. Mr. Khosravani was glad to answer any questions and was available for further questions after the lecture. We were able to contact him anytime with questions or ambiguities and got feedback very quickly. You just felt in good hands with him! It was important to him that every single student felt comfortable and could identify with the lecture.

I will always keep Mr. Khosravani in a good memory and thank him for everything he has done for my fellow students and myself.

Julia Fedorenko BA

Mr. Bijan Khosravani was a lecturer on the 2017 project "Introduction to the Cultural History of Islamic Countries", which formed part of two commercial school classes at the Berufskolleg (vocational-technical college) in Wuppertal, Germany. The project was funded and promoted by “NRWeltoffen,” a local action initiative against right-wing extremism and racism, and by the "association of friends and supporters of the Berufskolleg Elberfeld."

Mr. Khosravani’s lessons were structured, up-to-date, and practice-oriented, and the students were attentive, disciplined and interested—even enthusiastic—about the subject. Mr. Khosravani was able to stimulate students between the ages of 17 and 21 to "learn in global contexts". He motivated, encouraged and empowered us, in his humorous way, to think about our own strengths and opportunities in professional life. In addition to his knowledge, he also incorporated his life experience into the lessons, which made them both lively and lifelike.

I would like to thank Mr. Khosravani for his dedicated work on this important school project!

Angelika Wiegand M.A. Islamic Studies/Oriental Studies; Project Manager


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As part of my undergraduate studies at the International School of Management in Dortmund, Mr. Khosravani served as my first academic supervisor in the development and evaluation of my "bachelor’s thesis". The work focused on dynamic free-floating car-sharing and its applicability to medium-sized cities. I perceived Mr. Khosravani as a very dedicated supervisor. On the one hand, he defined clear objectives; on the other hand, I experienced an unusual freedom and was able to pursue my own interests sufficiently. Mr. Khosravani always supported me personally and in terms of my work, questioning topics both critically and inspiringly and responding promptly to my own questions. With his wealth of experience he could clarify facts nicely. I would like to thank Mr. Khosravani sincerely for the successful supervision and the great support he has given me over the past four months.

Hendrik Völker BA

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