Customer Management

At University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) Bijan Khosravani teaches CRM (among other subjects). Here you see master’s students presenting their work in the area of Customer Engagement Management in the master’s seminar at UE Iserlohn, Germany.

Business Development

At ISM Bijan Khosravani teaches business development (among other subjects). Here you see undergraduate students presenting their work on macro and micro analysis in the bachelor’s seminar at ISM Frankfurt, Germany.


Project Management

At FOM (Germany’s largest private university) Bijan Khosravani teaches international project management (among other subjects). Here you see him lecturing on project management in the master’s program at FOM Dortmund, Germany.


Strategic Marketing

At HS-Fresenius (HSF) Bijan Khosravani teaches international marketing (among other subjects). Here you see undergraduate students preparing their presentation on strategic marketing in the bachelor’s program at HSF Dusseldorf, Germany.


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