Digitization and digital transformation will enable you to go new ways. To successfully master this dynamic and challenging transformation, companies need specialists who understand both classic business models and new digital business models.

Only then can a targeted, successful adaptation of your company to progressive digitization take place, with the goal of establishing a new, holistic, customer-oriented business model.


The digital world includes, for example

  • What we think – 2.9 million emails per second and 660,000 new Facebook submissions per minute
  • What we feel – 35,000 individual likes on Facebook and countless emoticons per minute
  • Where we are – GPS in mobile phones shows movement sequences, 2100 check-ins per minute on Foursquare alone
  • What we buy – retailers, PayPal and credit card vendors store transactions, at Apple alone 47,000 apps are downloaded per minute
  • What we see – 48 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute, 7000 images on Flickr and Instagram
  • What we're looking for – Google alone receives two million queries per minute
  • How our value creation is made – the Internet of Things (IoT) will connect more than 50 billion things—products, machines and processes—by 2020
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