We turn our experience and our expertise regularly into publications.

In addition, we regularly publish large-scale, often international studies in various industries on the very latest topics. Our brochures and white papers are available for free download.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is increasingly gaining importance in an ever more rapidly changing and increasingly globalized economy. Strategic marketing planning is a multi-layered and complex process. Sales and marketing must work together systematically, and carefully analyze all options. But what is the best way to do this? An excellent, practice-oriented, international bachelor thesis shows how to practically develop a strategic marketing plan.

Developing a strategic marketing plan for the cosmetics brand "The Body Shop" in Chile.

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The University of Cambridge (UK) is considered one of the best  worldwide and a leading school of entrepreneurship. This outstanding master’s seminar paper compares the University of Cambridge with the University of Wuppertal (Germany) in order to determine similarities and differences. The findings are used to derive a basis for our recommendations.


A comparative analysis of the entrepreneurship infrastructure of the Universities of Wuppertal and Cambridge—determinants and framework conditions

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Online Communications

The growth of social networks and various forms of social media communication give consumers a stronger power position due to the unlimited dissemination of information. In the context of strategic communications, organizations are therefore particularly concerned with how to deal with user-driven social media and the associated loss of control for the organizations themselves. This paper represents a practical online communications concept for E.ON.

Developing an online communications concept for the energy company E.ON

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Why should you read this booklet? BKC has developed a methodology based on its proven CRM experience and the latest insights into strategies, measures and practices that can make your CRM initiative successful all round. All areas related to the digital CRM are considered.



AREP4CRM© (Advanced Rapid Evaluation Package for Customer Relationship Management)


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