BKC focuses on strategic management, customer management and project management.

We are your partner for strategic issues as well as for planning and implementing the required tasks. On the one hand, we can help you develop visions, define strategic goals and set up a program of measures including change management. On the other hand, our strengths lie in the related topics of customer management. In addition to the megatrends Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM), we will also advise you in all core topics of project and program management such as stakeholder management, time and cost management, quality management, etc. One of our special disciplines is the development and implementation of CRM solutions. In this regard, we can accompany and advise you right through from organization structure to software implementation.

  • Strategic Management: Development and implementation of corporate, business, marketing and sales strategies and programs.
  • Customer Management: Development and implementation of digital customer relationship management, customer experience management, customer engagement management, and social CRM strategies and actions.
  • Project Management: Managing projects and programs, setup and managing project management office, planning and executing project management training, and systematic audit of project management.

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